Object Reveal

Simple Fog of War Effect for a Phaser 3 Roguelike
by on 5 minute read

You'll want the right atmosphere if you are making a roguelike or dungeon crawler. We'll show you how to create a fog of war effect that makes visible just the area around the player in this article.

Creating a Flashlight or Spotlight Effect in Phaser 3
by on 6 minute read

Creating a spotlight or flashlight effect in Phaser 3 is fairly simple once you know how to use alpha masks. In this article we will show you how to illuminate the darkest corners of your Scene.

Reveal Effect in Phaser 3 with Alpha Masks
by on 7 minute read

Alpha masks can be used to create many different kinds of effects including reveal or scratch-off effects. This article takes a look at how that can be done in Phaser 3.

Simple Reveal or Scratch-Off Effect in Phaser 3
by on 6 minute read

Object reveal or scratch-off effects are frequently used as mini-games or bonuses. This article looks at a fast and simple method to achieve this effect in Phaser 3 using a RenderTexture.